People usually think that a leech’s effect in a certain area is to absorb contaminated blood. But the main effect of a leech is the bioactive substances it secretes at the application point.

Some of the bioactive substances contained in the saliva secretion of medical leeches:
Hirudin – hirudin, anticoagulant
Hementin – fibrinolytic
Hementerin – fibrinolytic
Ghilanten – prothrombinase inhibitor
Anti-statin – prothrombinase inhibitor
Piyatin – neutrophilic

The effectiveness of a treatment with leeches varies from case to case. You can find out about the effectiveness of the treatment for your case by contacting our doctors. The treatment continues with the scheduling of new sessions and the determination of the intervals between sessions according to the patient’s condition.

– Antibacterial
– Painkiller
– Antirheumatic
– Antihypertensive
– Antidepressant
– Myorelaxant (muscle relaxant)
– Antioxidant
– Neurotrophic effect (nerve cell regeneration)

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